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Al Ain

Embracing the Scenery of Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. The reputation of Al Ain in Abu Dhabi is known for luscious greenery and natural scenery. Al Ain translates into The Spring because of the surrounding greenery and water that flows through the city. The interest includes a combination of mineral springs to mountain tops surrounding the area. The beauty and luscious scenery of the area has developed the population to be the second largest in the Emirates and the fourth largest in the UAE.

The unique environment of Al Ain is one followed by the well known history of the area. Past archaeological facts remain in the area as an exploration of an ancient lifestyle, filled with the remains of fortresses, posts and older construction. However, the beauty has also created contemporary hotels and international recognition as a pristine location in the Persian Gulf.

The history and location is combined with contemporary living that lead to many having a growing interest in real estate. Tourism is a high - priority in the area, combined with international highlights for activities and leisure in the area. The advancement of the area in terms of education, health and the arts has led to many featured events that allow the continuous growth and development of the area.

If you are interested in a lifestyle that embraces the diversity of natural settings, combined with a history that continues to grow into contemporary entertainment, then Al Ain is one of the spaces to consider. The opportunities that are available in the area in terms of real estate provide an invitation into the paradise of the Persian Gulf.

Some interesting statistics about Al Ain

14 houses updated yesterday match your search criteria; 554 updated 1 week ago, 1,025 in the past fortnight and 1,596 during last month.

87% of the houses for sale have pictures. On average an advert for Al Ain has 11.8 pictures.

As a first option people in United Arab Emirats look for a house with 1 bedrooms. This is followed by 2 and 4 bedrooms.

On average the price per square foot is AED 38.99/sq. feet, with a price trend of AED 1,665,747.21 and an area of 42,722 sq. feet.

Real Estate Agencies available in United Arab Emirats with houses for sale are Harbor Real Estate, Driven Properties and Aeon & Trisl.

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