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Dubai is one of the seven emirates that form the UAE and its second largest territory. The metropolitan area is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, Dubai has grown spectacularly in population becoming a global leader in international business, leisure and tourism with a boom in the real estate industry.

Initially a stopover between East and West due to its strategic location the city began to add new services available to tourists and expats.

The origins of Dubai go back to its industrial port and stopover location for cargo ships. The discovery of oil in 1966 led to an economic boom in the area forming one the most prosperous societies as its known today.

Today Dubai is the largest city in the Middle East and rated as one the top places to live in the area due to its growing influence in international leisure, real estate, tourism and sports entertainment.

Living in Dubai means that if you´re a shopaholic you have found your personal niche. Dubai is famous for its malls, most importantly the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world which offers numerous activities in leisure, shopping and dining but also investment opportunities for those interested in investing in commercial properties.

Some interesting statistics about For Rent Dubai

88% of the houses for rent have pictures. On average an advert for For Rent Dubai has 12.867 pictures.

As a first option people in Dubai look for a house with 2 bedrooms. This is followed by 1 and 3 bedrooms.

Whilst searching you will see houses in Dubai in Dubai Marina and Culture Village.

On average the price per square foot is AED 76.65/sq. feet, with a price trend of AED 119,200 and an area of 1,555 sq. feet.

Try using the following keywords For Rent Dubai, Villas For Rent Beach Front Dubai Al Wasl, For Rent Area Dubai Arabian Ranches to limit the number of results for your search For Rent Dubai. You may also try using these alternative keywords Bungalows For Rent Motor City Dubai or 2 Bedroom Townhouses For Rent Spacious Al Furjan Dubai.

Dubai (224,562)
Abu Dhabi(3,832)
Jebel Ali(200)
Ras Al Khaimah(122)
Umm Al Quwain(72)
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Price: AED
AED 0 - AED 50,000
AED 50,000 - AED 100,000
AED 100,000 - AED 150,000
AED 150,000 - AED 200,000
AED 200,000 - AED 250,000
AED 250,000 - AED 400,000
AED 400,000 - AED 550,000
AED 550,000 - AED 700,000
AED 700,000 - AED 850,000
AED 850,000 - AED 1,000,000
AED 1,000,000 +
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1+ bedrooms
2+ bedrooms
3+ bedrooms
4+ bedrooms
Size of the property: sq.feet
0 - 15 sq.feet
15 - 30 sq.feet
30 - 45 sq.feet
45 - 60 sq.feet
60 - 75 sq.feet
75 - 120 sq.feet
120 - 165 sq.feet
165 - 210 sq.feet
210 - 255 sq.feet
255 - 300 sq.feet
300+ sq.feet
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1+ bathrooms
2+ bathrooms
3+ bathrooms
4+ bathrooms
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