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The Diverse Setting of Fujairah. Fujairah is one of the seven emirates to create the UAE. However, it differs than any other emirates because of its unique setting by the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. The setting combines with rich mountain scenery that allows a different lifestyle setting to be established in the area. The seasonal balances, activities and the setting of the city offer a different lifestyle for one living in the UAE.

The setting and nature of Fujairah creates an alternative climate and setting from other areas. The city is located in the heart of the mountains of the Hajjar Mountain Range and is more spacious than any other emirates area. The temperatures are seasonal but not extreme, except for a rainy season. The lifestyle in the area matches with the changes in the seasons with different opportunities for agriculture and development because of the diverse weather patterns.

Fujairah not only provides a depth of experiences from the natural setting. The economic development holds an alternative structure than other spaces, including development through the federal government with specific zones for expansion. The real estate in the area follows suit with government authorities caring for the purchase of property. This has led to calculated developments of property and strategic initiatives with businesses, education and health.

If you are looking at a diverse setting in the emirates cities, then Fujairah offers what no other major emirates city does. The location, climate and the development structure offers an alternative lifestyle opportunity. If you are interested in a different approach to exploration of a specific area, then Fujairah offers a diverse way of life.

Some interesting statistics about Fujairah

9 houses updated yesterday match your search criteria; 57 updated 1 week ago, 97 in the past fortnight and 106 during last month.

81% of the houses for sale have pictures. On average an advert for Fujairah has 1.84 pictures.

As a first option people in Fujairah look for a house with 2 bedrooms. This is followed by 3 and 5 bedrooms.

Whilst searching you will see houses in Fujairah in Downtown Dubai and Sakamkam.

On average the price per square foot is AED 339.18/sq. feet, with a price trend of AED 1,439,238.1 and an area of 4,243 sq. feet.

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