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Abu Dhabi is the capital and political centre of the United Arab Emirates. It is a rapidly growing and extremely prosperous emirate with continuous developments in real estate with new construction projects continuously changing its skyline.

Ideally located in a T-shaped island on the Persian Gulf, the capital is surrounded by a magnificent and breathtaking coast.

The rapid boost in population and demographics is shaping the city´s real estate with constant innovations in residential, commercial and corporate projects. The vast offers of leisure, entertainment, sports and shopping activities make this a very popular destination both for passersby as well expats looking to settle down.

Being the Emirates´ capital, Abu Dhabi also boasts of an influential political power and a stable and reliable economy which further helps to develop this bustling metropolis.

If you are ready to experience a fast paced urban lifestyle in one of the Arab world’s most popular cities you will enjoy Abu Dhabi and it´s endless offers in leisure, shopping, international cuisine, and sports activities.

Average price in Abu Dhabi
AED 2,766,992
Average price per  sq.feet  AED 1,265
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AED 138,320
Average price per  sq.feet  AED 71.46
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Properties for sale in Abu Dhabi