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The Rural Experience of Ajman. In the heart of the UAE is a small vicinity known for its agricultural landscape and casual lifestyle. Ajman, Ajman is one of the smallest areas of UAE, but filled with a community rich in natural growth and beauty. The area is known for the unique location along the Persian Gulf, combined with ancient ways of agricultural growth.

The area of Ajman holds its charm with the natural agricultural area. Most of the community lives in an area that is less than 260 square feet. However, surrounding this are farms and areas for agricultural development and coastal roads. In current times, the UAE has planned to develop and grow the area with new buildings and shops. However, many of the village dwellings have been overridden by the comfort of the small town.

Despite the small amount of development, the real estate in Ajman has created a boom. This is because the area has introduced freehold property to local and international investors that are interested in the location. The unique opportunities have led to outside developments often referred to as “The Emirates City,” specifically with beach side properties and other areas that are offered as a part of the development of the area.

If you are interested in the charm of a rural Arabic village located in the UAE, then investing in Ajman can provide a unique getaway. This particular area is known for the rich setting and the agricultural location, as well as the development of freehold property that have invited many into a new experience.
Average price in Ajman
AED 663,781
Average price per  sq.feet  AED 318
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AED 31,738
Average price per  sq.feet  AED 27.38
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