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Al Khor is located along the coast of Qatar. It is a very beautiful area and one that many people enjoy. It is very close to Doha which is much larger and considered a central hub for outer areas. This is an area that is often in high demand for housing due to the volume of workers that are part of the oil industry.

It is also very close to Ras Laffan Industrial City which is a prime work environment. Most of the people that live in Al Khor Qatar are decedents of one of the 7 original tribes. They are all branched from the Bedouin family.

This is also a very popular location for tourists. The most common place where people stay is the Al Sultan beach and hotel resort. It used to be a palace but now it offers individual rooms for guests. While a large part of the exterior and interior are historical, there are plenty of modern upgrades too that makes it a delightful place to stay.

There are many beaches around Al Khor that bring people to the area. They enjoy the warm temperatures and the clear water. The fishing industry is very successful in this region as well. There are plenty of beach houses in this area that are worth a great deal of money. They sell almost immediately after they go on the market.

Some of them are rentals so you can choose to rent such property when you come to the area instead of staying at the resort. Some of them are very large and that offers room for large families or even a wedding party. There are also plenty of villas to consider, and some of them have up to 7 bedrooms!
Average price in Al Khor
AED 180,000
Average price per  sq.feet  AED 423.28
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