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Al Wakra Qatar is located along the shore of the Gulf Peninsula, on the Eastern side. Originally, this was a very small village where the majority of people took part in fishing and looking for pearls. Today, it is a town that has approximately 30,000 people living in it. This is considered to be one of the busiest towns in all of Qatar when it comes to business and to tourism.

A big part of the tourism in Al Wakra is due to the implementations and upgrades that were put into motion in 2008. The goal was to offer more housing options for those that live in the area including villas and small homes. The other part of it was to develop villas and rental properties for those that would like to vacation close to the water in Al Wakra Qatar.

The expansion of the city center and the ability to accommodate up to 600,000 more people in the area has significantly influenced the popularity and the viability of Al Wakra. There are plenty of property options available for sale to those that would like to reside here. However, the availability of land has diminished due to all of the expansions so building a home or other dwelling from the ground up isn’t a wisely selected choice now.

The beauty of Al Wakra offers plenty of heritage and amazing architecture. Many people enjoy buying the older styles so that they can own a piece of that history. A significant number of them are part of the restoration department improvements. The Al Wakra museum is one of the most popular attractions around Qatar. It offers an in depth history of the area.
Average price in Al Wakra
AED 39,625
Average price per  sq.feet  AED 140.08
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