Property types in Dibba

Dibba Oman is along the coast, and a very popular location for tourists to enjoy. It is on the Gulf of Orman, close to the Arabian Peninsula. The area is actually divided into three segments. Being close to the gulf has allowed this area to be a big part of the Oman economy for trading in regards to importing and exporting.

There are also ferries and cruise ships that use this port area. They are common for those that reside here to use the ferries to get back and forth across the water. Tourists enjoy the cruise ships as they can go sightseeing with an amazing view from the water.

Many tourists stay along the beach in rental houses or villas when they stay in Dibba Oman. There are also plenty of homes and apartments for those that live in this area. Due to the popularity of Dibba, the cost of buying a house can be very expensive. Apartments that have one or two bedrooms are very common. Those dwellings close to the water are more expensive as they are in the highest demand.

Many of the people that work in Dibba live in close by towns. They are able to buy homes there for a lower price. They commute back and forth to work. There are plenty of opportunities in Dibba for buying land to build a home, an apartment building, or other commercial property. The growing tourism industry here has created a huge demand for the service industry.
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