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Doha is the capital of Qatar. It is located along the coast of the Persian Gulf with a population of almost 1 million. This accounts for more than half of all the people living in Qatar. It is the economic center of everything that goes on, and it is surrounded by many small towns around it. This is the location where many lucrative business deals are done and where a great deal of high profile sports events take place.

The World Petroleum Conference is annually held here. The 2011 Asian Cup Games occurred here. This is a prosperous economic area due to the oil fields close by. Housing can be very expensive in the heart of Doha which is why many people choose to live in the surrounding towns and then commute back and forth for work and other activities.

The housing market can be very tough in Doha as property tends to sell very quickly one it is offered. The prices are high but many in this region are able to afford those costs. There are plenty of houses, villas, and apartments for rent too if someone isn’t ready to take the leap to buy a home at that point in time.

Doha is a prime location for visitors to Qatar, and there are plenty of accommodations for them to stay in. This can include beach houses and villas. They vary in size from very small for one or two people to very large for a group to enjoy. The area continues to experience a boom both economically and in regards to the need for more housing. As a result, buying the land is a common event for investors. They know that they can turn that property into dwellings that will be attractive to consumers.
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