Property types in Dukhan

One of the industrial areas of Qatar is Dukhan. It is in the Western part and a big part of the oil and petroleum industry. The area of Dukhan isn’t one that tourists can freely travel. Instead, each person must apply for a permit. Entry gate passes are administered by Qatar Petroleum. However, there are numerous visitors here annually that are in the area to do business. They are looking for hotels and villas where they can stay. There are plenty of delightful choices in the area.

There are some large houses in Dukhan too but they are very expensive. The demand for them in this area as well as the style of the homes make them prime real estate. There are strategies in the works to offer more residential homes in this part of Qatar that are going to be fitting for different income levels. The strategic development plan was implemented in 2003 and has four stages.

The area features many apartments and they range from one to three bedrooms. Many of them are only for rent as they are an income property for the owners and they have not wish to sell them. The fact that the average salary in the oil industry are very high though allows them to rent the facilities for a high price. As a result, the profit margin is quite high.

Still, many people prefer to live with a beach view, and so they live in one of the towns closer to the Gulf Peninsula. They are willing to commute up to 2 hours each way daily to work in Dukhan. Some of them do so because they are struggling to find a place to live in this area so they commute until they can get high enough on a list to get into one of those apartments.