Duplexes for rent

Duplexes for rent in UAE

A duplex is a type of home structure that from the front, looks like a house. However, it may appear unusual because it has two front doors. This is because it is two separate halves, with different people living on each side of it. Usually, the insides of both halves are a mirror image of the other.

Most of the time, it is a one story structure and that makes it very easy for older people to get around. It also works well for those with young children as there won’t be any stairs in the dwelling that can be dangerous for them. It isn’t uncommon for a family to live in one side of a duplex and then to have their elderly parents in the other side. A duplex can be rented, leased, or purchased.

There are some duplex structures though that are two story. The same concept is in place though – two entrances and two separate living entities. They are more like a house though than an apartment. You will find such structures all over the world and they seem to be very popular. If you are interested, make sure it is well designed so that you and the people living on the other side aren’t disruptive to each other due to noise.
Cities with duplexes for rent