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Villas for rent in UAE

A villa is like staying at a private resort without the high price tag! It is a great idea if you will be on an extended stay or you have kids with you. A villa offers you privacy, and much more space. You will have at least one bedroom. Most of them either offer a second bedroom or they have a couch in the living room that makes out into a bed.

A villa usually has a kitchen area, but they do vary in size. This can be ideal for storing basics including drinks in a refrigerator. You also have the option of shopping and making some or all of your meals. There are even villas with BBQ pits that you may be interested in. Most of them either have an onsite grocery store or there is one within walking distance.

Don’t assume you can’t afford to stay at a villa. They are offered just about everywhere you may travel. The prices are very reasonable and you can pick the size, location, and even amenities before you decide on the one to make a reservation at. You will find those that are basic but you will also find those that have a pool, workout room, and other perks that you don’t want to pass up.
AED 89,408.2
Average price for rent in UAE
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