3 bedroom villas for sale

3 bedroom villas for sale in UAE

Traveling with a large party or a group of friends can be memories that you will never forget. However, you want it all to go smoothly. 3 bedroom villas allow you to have some privacy and to also have more than enough space for everyone to sleep and to stretch out. With a large group, eating out three times a day becomes very expensive. Villas offer cooking areas or even a full kitchen. This allows you to make food rather than dining out.

This is going to feel like you have an apartment while on vacation due to the set up. The amenities that are offered and the size of the bedrooms will vary based on location. If you still need more sleeping areas, look for one that also offers a living room with a couch that makes out into a bed. At night, that area can be used as a 4th bedroom.

Check out the locations for 3 bedroom villas, as they are very popular. They can be found in common vacation areas including Florida and California. Yet they are also found in less common travel locations. It is a good idea to see what is out there before you book your accommodations. In the end, it is usually less expensive than booking multiple hotel rooms.
AED 4,476,643.5
Average price for sale in UAE
AED 5,996.4
Average price per sq.feet for sale in UAE
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