Apartments with terrace for sale

Apartments with terrace for sale in UAE

Even though you may live in an apartment, it doesn’t mean you don’t crave time to be outdoors or to BBQ. There are apartments with terrace that allow you to have that exposure to outdoors when you want it. They have a sliding door that opens up to the area and no one else is able to access it.

This can be a place for you to relax at night and enjoy the moonlight. Perhaps you would like to start the day with breakfast out there, listening to the birds chirping. You can have your grill out there to make delicious tasting meats and other items you would like to eat. A drink on the terrace of your apartment is a wonderful way to socialize.

This area can also be used to store items that you don’t want to keep in your apartment, yet you can’t really keep outdoors. For example, you can keep your bicycles on the terrace when they aren’t in use. It can also be a place to store your exercise equipment until you want to bring it in to do your workout.

When you look for apartments with terrace, you need to think about the direction that it points. This is going to determine the type of view that you will have from that location. From a safety point of view, a terrace offers you an additional exit point from your apartment should there be a fire or other type of emergency.
AED 5,416,358.25
Average price for sale in UAE
AED 6,163.67
Average price per sq.feet for sale in UAE
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