Downtown apartments for sale

Downtown apartments for sale in UAE

Being in the heart of the activity, downtown apartments are very popular. They also tend to be the most expensive due to the demand for them. Being able to live close to where you work or go to college, to be close to shops and restaurants, and to quickly gain access to social events are all reasons why people like to live in them.

There are many styles and sizes of downtown apartments so you need to evaluate your needs. How much space do you want? How much are you willing to pay? Keep in mind that due to the demand for such a location, your money won’t stretch as far. For example, you may be able to afford a studio apartment downtown for the same price that you would pay for a nice two bedroom on the outskirts of town.

The owners of downtown apartments tend to be very strict about who they allow to live in them. They will do background checks and credit checks after an application is submitted. They may call your friends or family that you provided for references. They may call previous people that you rented from.

For many people, being able to save time on a lengthy commute by living downtown is what makes the final decision for them. They gladly pay more for a downtown apartment than to give up hours of free time daily to get to and from work.
AED 5,416,358.25
Average price for sale in UAE
AED 6,163.67
Average price per sq.feet for sale in UAE
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