Residential Plots for sale

Residential Plots for sale in UAE

Land that is identified as a residential plot can be used to build a home upon. This land isn’t zoned for commercial business or commercial living buildings such as apartments. The type of home isn’t going to be limited in most areas. However, there are some ordinances in place that require a home to fit specific molds. This prevents any new homes built to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb which would lower the resell value of all homes in that area.

Sometimes, investors buy many residential plot areas in the same location. They will do so in order to build homes in that area that they resell. This type of process is called a subdivision development. The homes can often be purchased before they are even completed. If you are interested, find out about those details so that you can also have a say in color choices and other specifics of them before it is finished.

With the purchase of a residential plot, you can get your home built to your specifications. Perhaps you have been looking at homes and find certain things you like about this one and others you like about that one. You don’t have to compromise when your home is being built with everything you want in it. Make sure you buy the property in a location that you are happy with and that you will be content living in day after day.
AED 7,997,387.43
Average price for sale in UAE
AED 6,177.86
Average price per sq.feet for sale in UAE
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