Studio apartments for sale

Studio apartments for sale in UAE

A very small type of apartment is called a studio. It is typically only going to offer enough space for an individual or a couple. They work very well for those that are on a tight budget or those that don’t spend much time in their apartment due to work and other outings. When a person is selling their home, they may relocate to a studio apartment to cut expenses until their home in the other location sells.

Students attending college and young adults that are out on their own are the most common people to live in studio apartments. It gives them freedom they don’t have on the college campus or at home. Yet they don’t have to worry about the cost, the upkeep, or the other details of a large apartment.

With a studio apartment, there isn’t much privacy offered. There is usually a small living room with the kitchen right behind it without a wall to separate them. The bedroom is also small with the basics in the bathroom including a toilet, shower, and sink. There isn’t a lot of storage space so this isn’t an ideal set up for someone with lots of items.

There are plenty of studio apartments out there that have basic furniture in them. This can include a bed, dresser, couch, dining room table with chairs, and pots and pans. These are very popular because they are simple to move into and a person really only has to bring along clothing and a few personal items to be at home!
AED 18,679,270
Average price for sale in UAE
AED 438
Average price per sq.feet for sale in UAE
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