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The capital of Oman is Muscat, and it is a thriving city. The population is over 1.1 million and it continues to increase at rapid speed. The early history of this area involves it serving as a port for imports and exports. The city is located very close to the Arabian Sea. The economy is very strong and there is quite a bit of diversity in regards to the ethnicity of those that live here.

The water on one side, mountains on another, and a plain of salt pans in the middle make Muscat ideal for just about anyone. There are plenty of jobs and lots of business deals taking place all the time here. Orchards, palms, and lush gardens are also found in areas of Muscat. The variety of what is found here is really amazing as it doesn’t offer just one type of landscaping.

Real estate is in great demand all over Muscat. The apartments that are in the center of town are the most expensive. This is a highly desired location due to all it offers in terms of being in close proximity to work, to social events, and to places to eat. There are homes and apartments of various sizes all over the area.

The mountain landscaping seen from Muscat Oman makes it very attractive. Many of the homes and apartments face these mountains and that increases their value due to the scenery they provide. Due to the high cost of property though, many people choose that commute to Muscat for work and other events. They live in one of the surrounding areas that are less costly.
Average price in Muscat
AED 248,286
Average price per  sq.feet  AED 859
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AED 14,055
Average price per  sq.feet  AED 1,211.24
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