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Reaching the Top of the Tent in Ras Al - Khaimah. Ras Al - Khaimah, which translates into “top of the tent,” is known as one of the Sheikdoms of the UAE. It is a part of the northern area of the Middle East and close to the Persian Gulf. Those interested in living in the area are able to expose themselves to historical and contemporary opportunities and economic lifestyles that offer expansion.

Ras Al - Khaimah is known for its division into several smaller cities and settlements, all which have developed over several centuries. The growth of the area into an expansive city offers archaeology and historical remains in each of the cities. One can enjoy the lifestyle in each of these settlements, all which were designed with different forms of trade and under the rule of various sheikhs.

The desert climate of Ras Al - Khaimah does not stop the growth and development of the area. The historical sections of the city are combined with economic services, such as agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and real estate. If one is interested in furthering their career in any of these sectors, then they can tune into the developmental area that continues to expand within the city. This is combined with sectors that highlight entertainment and cultural events that intertwine with the historical sites of each area.

If you are searching for alternatives for a new lifestyle then you can explore different economic and leisurely options in Ras Al - Khaimah. This Sheikdom is known for its historical sectors that have formatted into a large city of opportunity. Connecting to the various spaces of this area also provides you with new options for personal exploration.
Average price in Ras Al Khaimah
AED 901,824
Average price per  sq.feet  AED 609
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AED 54,758
Average price per  sq.feet  AED 41.26
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