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Umm Al Quwain

Exploring the Far North with Umm Al - Quwain. Located in the north of the UAE is Umm Al - Quwain, the smallest city listed of the emirates. This particular location, while smaller in size, still has strong connections to a modern lifestyle and options for luxurious living. If you are interested in an alternative way of living, then this particular area can introduce you to an area of prosperity and community.

Umm Al - Quwain was first settled over 7,000 years ago by Hellenistic tribes. There are many ruins and remains throughout the city that have layered the unique characteristics of these tribes and their developments. Other nomadic tribes continued to move into the region, adding in with trade, such as through making bronze or with trading agriculture. These aspects have created an open historical space.

Not only is Umm Al - Quwain known for the rich history. If you are interested in real estate in the region, then you can enjoy the environment and continuous developments. The city is in close proximity to the coastline, inviting a warm environment rich with activity and marine life. It is known for having one of the richest environments in the UAE. It is also recognized for many tourist attractions because of the layers of history. Those interested in real estate in the region can partake of the historical additions and contemporary styles that accent the natural setting.

If you are searching for a new space to call home, then Umm Al - Quwain can provide a prosperous area of opportunity. This city, while being the smallest of the emirates, offers diverse history and environments that provide continuous experiences to residents. Finding the best in this area can then help one to enjoy even more of the setting in the area.

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73% of the houses for sale have pictures. On average an advert for Umm Al Quwain has 12.52 pictures.

On average the price per square foot is AED 342.02/sq. feet, with a price trend of AED 1,663,003.25 and an area of 4,862 sq. feet.

Real Estate Agencies available in United Arab Emirats with houses for sale are SquareYards, 2019-04-21 and Hunt & Harris Real Estate Dubai.

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